Providence mayoral candidate Brett Smiley is pledging to make Providence a safer city if elected.

The Democrat outlined his “Safest City Plan” Thursday morning, which includes steps like adding police officers and “aggressively” taking guns off the street.

The 8-page proposal is broken down into three main goals:

1) Relentless pursue smarter, stronger policing

2) End cycles of violence and disorder

3) Make the public safety system work for residents and businesses

“At the beginning of this month a 16-year-old was shot down in our city and killed,” said Smiley at a news conference Thursday morning. “And earlier this week we had our hundredth shooting of the year. It’s unacceptable, and it has to change.”

Smiley said Providence is ranked the 183rd safest city in the country out of cities with more than 100,000 people.

“Last year, major cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Dallas all had lower crime rates than Providence,” said Smiley. “I challenge Providence to become the safest city of its size in America.”

Smiley calls his plan “aggressive” and “proactive.”

His plan also includes steps to decrease domestic violence, crack down on irresponsible nightclub owners and improve prison re-entry services.

You can read the full “Safest City Plan” here