State Senator Gayle Goldin and Representative Maria Cimini will introduce legislation that will impose a 10% supplemental sales tax on all guns and ammunition sold in Rhode Island.

The idea came from Providence Mayoral Candidate Brett Smiley when he sat down with Senator Goldin to write the legislation.

All of the proceeds will go towards funding and non-profits committed to fighting crime and violence in the community. The bill promises to allocate the funds to every town and city police department based proportionally on the prevalence of crime in each area.

Each police department will then allocate the money to non-profits with a demonstrated commitment to reducing crime.

“We have so many non-profits doing important anti-violence work in our communities, yet they are consistently underfunded,” said Smiley.

He says the tax is projected to raise around $2 million annually.

“Not only does it fund anti-violence efforts, but it also encourages partnerships between law enforcement and community organizations,” said Senator Goldin.

Senator Goldin and Representative Cimini will introduce the legislation on Thursday.