Smiley Unveils Road Repair Plan copy
Smiley’s plan provides new and innovative solutions for filling potholes and clearing snow.

Today, Brett Smiley released his “Road Repair Plan” at a press conference by the Providence Train Station. Smiley noted the poor condition of the roads in the area, saying it’s unacceptable that one of the first sights many people see upon entering our city is a pothole.

Smiley’s plan is built around two main areas: rethinking the way we fill potholes and getting smarter about our snow removal process. Smiley’s proposals include hiring a Director of Project Management to prevent utility companies from needing to cut into newly surfaced roads, proactively filling potholes systematically rather than reacting to service calls, paying contractors who plow our roads by the mile rather than hourly in order to incentivize productivity, and developing an app that allows residents and businesses to report snow-related issues in real time.

Brett Smiley commented, “All of us in Providence are feeling the same reality: we pay so much in taxes, but we’re not getting enough back from the City in services. Anyone who drives, bikes or jogs down our streets dodging potholes or snow banks knows that the City needs to do a much better job of repairing and maintaining our streets, and that’s what this plan is about.”

This is the second element of Brett Smiley’s “Quality of Life Plan,” following the “Transportation Plan” he unveiled last week: 

Click here to read Smiley’s full “Road Repair Plan.”