Today, Buddy Cianci announced his candidacy for Mayor of Providence. Cianci previously served​ two stints as mayor and stepped down both times on felony convictions.

In response to Cianci’s announcement, Brett Smiley commented, “Providence cannot afford to return to the corrupt politics of the past, and that is what Buddy Cianci’s candidacy represents. Despite his many strengths, Cianci’s time in office was characterized by widespread corruption, capped by his own conviction and jail sentence on charges of racketeering. I’ve been very clear to outline my vision for Providence along with detailed action plans to grow our economy, improve our schools, keep our streets safe and more, and I’ll accomplish all of this with transparency and integrity rather than cash payments and back-room deals.”

Smiley added, “As I’ve said before, you shouldn’t have to know a guy to get something done in City Hall. And you certainly shouldn’t have to pay a guy. If we want to turn the page on corruption in Providence, the last thing we should do is bring back the guy who wrote the book.”

Featured in the Providence Journal on June 25, 2014.