Today, Brett Smiley joined Jorge Elorza at Prospect Park to announce Smiley’s endorsement of Elorza in the Providence mayor’s race. Smiley said he plans to devote his time and energy to making sure Jorge Elorza defeats Michael Solomon in September and goes on to defeat Buddy Cianci in November.

Brett Smiley commented, “It’s become increasingly clear that Michael Solomon’s election would be an enormous step backwards for Providence, and another old-time politician currently undergoing an ethics violation is by no means the right person to take on Buddy Cianci. Jorge Elorza shares my values and my vision for our city, and I’m proud to give my full-throated support to his campaign. I know Jorge is our best chance of defeating both Solomon and Cianci, and I look forward to working together to make it happen.”

Jorge Elorza commented, “Brett Smiley is putting the city he loves ahead of his own desire to be Mayor and I sincerely thank him for his dedication to our city. The substance and ideas Brett has put forth over the past year have made this a better campaign and a better city for all of us, and I know his heart’s always been in the right place. I’m honored to have Brett on my team, and together we’ll win this election.”