After building a reputation as a progressive leader and “the man with the plan” – someone with the ideas and know-how to help Providence businesses and working families succeed – Brett was chosen by Mayor Elorza to serve as Chief Operating Officer in City Hall.

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When Brett first came to Providence, he instantly fell in love with the city – the great restaurants, vibrant neighborhoods, world-class arts and culture, and above all, the people. A product of the public school system and the son of an accountant and preschool teacher, Brett was raised to value fairness and appreciate the importance of education and hard work, and he has applied these values in everything he has done.

He served as the Chair of the Providence Water Supply Board, where he devised innovative solutions to ensure that we get our fair share of revenue from the water we supply to the rest of the state. He was also the campaign manager for the successful 2012 affordable housing referendum campaign, and he has worked on behalf of the City of Providence and against predatory lenders who were preying on our seniors and most vulnerable families. In addition, Brett has served as an advisor and finance expert for Democrats across the country, including our city’s last three mayors.

In 2007, Brett founded an accounting and election compliance firm on North Main Street in Providence. In just eight years, and in the midst of a recession, Brett has successfully grown his business and helped organizations and individual campaigns to balance their budgets, comply with the law and run more efficiently and effectively.

Brett is active in a number of non-profits, community groups and causes, including Planned Parenthood, for which he raises funds and provides strategic counsel. He has also been deeply involved with Marriage Equality Rhode Island (MERI), Rhode Island Communities for Addiction Recovery Efforts (RICARES), and the national Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund.

Brett is a graduate of DePaul University, where he received a finance degree and an M.B.A. He lives on the Eastside of Providence with his husband Jim DeRentis, a real estate broker and former community banker. Both Jim and Brett are avid runners.